Card Trick Quilt Block Tutorial

I received this most encouraging testimonial about my online video course from a member.  So, to answer her question, I made up this simple tutorial.  You can watch the UTube video, or take a quick glance at the pictures here.  The UTube video/slideshow is more detailed.

“Hi Martha,
I bought your lessons via the internet and have been busy quilting since Christmas and loving every minute…..My family are all HUGE Oklahoma Sooner fans and I’ve been buying OU fabric to get enough to make a quilt for my brother (who played baseball at OU)….I would really like to try the Card Trick block and wondered if you had a tutorial or directions that I could purchase or view?  I love your tutorials and have referred back to them many times…..You are a wonderful teacher and that’s coming from a teacher, herself…..Thanks so much.             Mary T.”

Card Trick Quilt Block









Here is the (video) audio slideshow I made.  Enjoy!!!