Small or large needle for Hand quilting question


On the tutorial where you show the hand quilting with a small needle, how long does it take to learn that technique. I would think a larger needle would work better because you can get more stitches on it. I have never made a quilt, I am learning thru your tutorial. Lisa

My Answer:

Hand Quilting

You could begin with a larger needle, but it’s harder to poke through all the layers, and you won’t be able to make such tiny stitches. You could always begin with a bigger needle, and see how it goes, maybe until you have the momentum going. You could also practice just putting a piece of muslin on a ring and then take a big needle and sew through the fabric and then back up and so forth. It does take practice, but I’m sure you’ll get there. I’m glad to hear you are learning, and looking forward to seeing how you are doing and what you are making.  All the best to you.

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