Win My Course!

I’m giving away a free Lifetime access to my video course.

It will go to a random respondent who gives helpful feedback during the month of February.

To enter to win you must complete the 7 question survey, plus your name and email for contacting the winner.

In January there were no respondents during the time frame.

In December our winner was Angie Walters.  We had 9 survey takers to give feedback on the site.  She was the 4th responder.

In November (it was a short survey span of only 10 days) we had only one survey response! Thus, the winner was: Grace Cload.  Congrats Grace!

In October we had 10 entries and Michelle Gallotto was our winner.

I will draw the winner using’s number generator at the end of February.

If you simply can’t wait till the end of February (..since, I’ve included a $10 OFF coupon for those who complete the survey!) and purchase my course and win the drawing, I’ll completely refund your purchase.

Give me my $10 OFF coupon!